Dear Son,

I am writing to tell you what took place when you joined my family.  Do you remember when I offered you forgiveness, and by faith you accepted it? (1)  At that very moment, you were placed into Christ, and your sin was completely forgiven, and you were made righteous. (2)  I mean all sin, past, present, and future.  As a matter of fact, I removed your sin from you as far as the east is from the west, and that’s infinity by any standard. (3)  Your feelings will tell you something different, but I’m asking you to believe Me, not your feelings.

Now that you have the life of my beloved Son, I view you as holy as He is. (4)  When you received His life, you became a brand new creation and were given a totally new identity. (5)  My child, you are now one of my “Saints.” (6)  I know that you will make many more mistakes in your life, but if that could disqualify you, then no human being would have a chance.  No one lives a sin free life, so it is a lie straight from the enemy that if you are less than perfect, you will be rejected by me.  That is not true; when you accepted Jesus, you received His eternal life, and there is nothing you can do that will nullify my forgiveness, or change how I view you.  So let me say it again; nothing you will ever do can make me love you less or cause me to abandon you. (7)  My continuing acceptance of you is not based on your performance just as it wasn’t your good behavior that qualified you in the first place. (8)  Your salvation is based solely on My Sons’ death and resurrection, and in fact, now every time you sin, Jesus reminds me that it was also covered by His sacrifice. (9)

Either from yourself or the enemy, you will frequently be tempted to feel that you are not good enough.  But those are lies from the father of lies, and he will do his best to convince you that you are unworthy of my love and grace. (10)   Now that you are “In Christ,” you are permanently free from all condemnation.  You are not now or ever will be condemned by Me, so don’t let Satan hold you captive to his lies. (11)  I long for you to know at the deepest levels that you are truly free from the penalty of sin.  In fact, it is for freedom that I have set you free, so refuse to let anyone take away your freedom. (12)

Whether you came to Me early or late in life, you still ended up as My child, and I don’t have any second-class children. (13)  Are you starting to get it?  I love you, delight in you, and as a matter of fact would have sent my Son to pay the penalty for your sin, even if you were the only person on earth.  I know it’s difficult to believe these things because they are faith issues, but my word is trustworthy and true.  You can count on it.

Since you now have my Spirit within you, let me love you, teach you, mold you and use you. The best way for this to happen is to follow Jesus and walk in my Spirit. (14)  However, you should know that I am excited about you even if you never do anything for me.  But if you will cooperate, I have prepared many good things for you to do every day of your life. (15)  After that, you will come home to be with me forever. (16)

Till we are together in heaven,

Your loving Father


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